Read the latest update on the Corridor Plaza
project from the Fort Dodge Messenger:

Poised for growth

Welcome to Corridor Plaza

  • Fort Dodge city leaders partnered with the developer group Corridor Plaza Development, LLC to re-envision a thriving, comprehensive retail complex complete with dining, entertainment, lodging, convenience services, a plaza for outdoor events and recreation activities, and a pavilion where year-round events and celebrations can be held.
  • The plaza and pavilion areas represent an opportunity to collaborate with organizations providing an extended space to complement and maximize the successes of existing festivals, celebrations, and events such as the Iowa High School Girls Softball Tournament.
  • Fort Dodge has an existing menu of activities and events.  The Corridor Plaza District will be transformative for Fort Dodge to not only support current needs as a vital retail and destination community as well as create opportunities for future growth, job creation and enhanced quality of life. 
  • The opportunity to reinvest in and revitalize the former Crossroads Mall is representative of the pride and belief in Fort Dodge as a vital, regional partner.

Preview the Plaza

Stores & Restaurants

“We want to reinvent what the mall has meant to Fort Dodge.”